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We specialize in naturally extracted! Hand Crafted Juices!
Nets come in 30ml and 60ml sizes

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RY4 (net)
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

2 Types of Vanilla plus Caramel and 2- Tobacco Extracts!

Vanilla Custard
30ml = $7/ 60ml = $13/ 100ml=$19

3 Different Vanillas are used in our unique mixture along with Rich Custard.

Tab Blended
(Tab) (net)
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

Chinese blended tobaccos.
Rather a Milder vape, but very satisfying.

Acid Blonde Cigar
Acid Blonde Cigar flavor.
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

Sweet Burley Blend
(Burley with Tobacco)
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

Burley, Black Cavendish, Virginia and a little Perique added.


Turkish (net)
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

2 Turkish net blends


Honey Berry Cigar
Light Honey and a mild Berry cigar extract!

30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml


Vanilla Cavendish (net)
Nice medium flavor with hints of delicious Vanilla!
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml


Acid Kuba Kuba w/ Sumatra Wrapper Cigar (net)
30ml = $15/ 60ml = $20/ No 100ml

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We try and ship and same day when possible!
3 Convenient Sizes-

Other flavors offered:

Cinnamon Danish

Creme Brulee

Root Beer Float

(Strawberry Cheesecake)


U- Milk Strawberry

Milk N Honey

Peanut Butter

Bananas Foster

Banana Nut Bread

Golden O Cookies

Birthday Cake


***Some of our juices come only in 60vg/40pg because of the amount of flavoring used which is comprised of pg in them and the amounts needed to make the juice....


More written reviews:

I've tried a ton of different RY4 juice. Some are quite good, like Charlie Noble's pistachio or Halo Tribeca. This is right up there with those. It uses a naturally extracted tobacco base, which you can truly taste without tasting burnt or overpowering. There's great throat hit, just like analog tobacco. It strikes a fantastic balance without being too heavy. It has just enough light sweetness on the finish to leave you wanting more. There isn an overpowering caramel with that cloying sweetness that I've tasted in some iterations of RY4. It doesn't clog/gunk up coils, as I've had other NET flavors do, I've used in a couple different subtanks, with both kanthal and Ni200 coils. It performs well at wattage anywhere from 20-50. It might work higher or lower, that's just where I vape. You can get it in a 50/50 or a max VG blend. As I said earlier, I love my tobacco vapes and some version of RY4 has been my ADV since I started. This is the absolute best value I've found in nearly 2 years (so far) of vaping. One caveat: you need this to steep a week for best flavor.

Reviewed using: Sigelei 75w TC, MELO2 Ni200 at 420/50w and Kanger subtank mini .5 ohm vertical OCC at 20w


Doots really knows what he's doing regarding net tobaccos as well as desert flavors. I have tried the ry4 and it is wicked good would say it's better than Charlie nobles for about a third of the price. The vanilla Cavendish is delicious and just ordered the Turkish blend and the sweet Burley. I have also tried almost all of indigo vapors tobaccos flavors in comparison doots flavors are smoother. I still like the distinct flavor of indigo blends but for the price doots nets can't be beat. His creme brulee is amazing as well as his custard. The strawberry Nana smoothie is very good as well. For the price and customer service you can't beat doodlebugs juice. He will work with u regarding nicotine pg/vg ratios etc all on a personal level he is the customer service.


This compay is making some fantastic tobacco vapes using naturally extracted tobacco flavors. Their prices are low, and they ship quickly. The owner is great to deal with and responds quickly to email. They will make to order. They seems to concentrate on a few flavors, doing them well, and at reasonable prices. I just wanted to let others know about them


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